Write the features of HRM. In 500 words.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Human resources refers to the people that work for an organization and the capabilities of these people. The function of human resource management covers (HRM) all the activities that are designed to acquire, preserve, develop and use the human resources in an organization. The basic purpose of HRM is to make effective and efficient use of human resources of an on organization towards achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization.

The various areas of influence of the HRM include the following.

  • Determination of the right quality and quantity of different types of human resource assets required by the organization to meet its current and future requirements.
  • Determining and implementing business policies and practices that are best suited to acquire, develop, retain and use effectively the human resources in the organization.
  • Recruitment of people.
  • Ongoing management of activities related to remuneration of people and development and maintenance of right organizational culture and work environment, conducive to effective and efficient working of people as individuals and as groups.
  • Providing support for recruitment of the required people in the organization.
  • Providing support for decision making on increment, promotions, transfer and other similar people related decisions in the organization.
  • Providing support for ongoing development and training of the people, in line with requirement of the organization and the current availability of skills and capabilities.