Write the expression as a sum or difference of logarithms. Express powers as factors. Please show all of your work.   logw (13x/4)

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You may use the quotient property of logarithmic function to transform the logartihm of fraction into a difference of two logarithms such that:

`log_w (13x/4) = log_w (13x) - log_w 4`

You need to use the product property of logarithmic function to transform the logartihm of product `13*x`  into a sum of two logarithms such that:

`log_w (13x/4) = log_w 13 + log_w x - log_w 4`

Hence, expanding the logarithm of fraction into a sum and a difference yields `log_w (13x/4) = log_w 13 + log_w x - log_w 4.`

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