Write in exponential form and simplify. ^3sqrt(a) * ^5sqrt(a)

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not sure what you mean by the symbol ^, we use this symbol to express the power, but in your question there is no base . So I will assume the following:

3sqrt(a) * 5sqrt(a)

Multiply integers together and square roots together.

= (3*5)* (sqrt(a)*sqrt(a))

= 15 (a)

= 15 a

neela | Student

Hope you mean to somplify *sqrt(a))^3*(sqrt(a))^3


(sqrt(a))^3*(sqrt(a))^5 = (a^(1/2))^3 * (a^(1/2))^5

= (a^(3/2))(a^5/2), as (a^m)^n  a^(mn).

= a^(3/2+5/2), as (a^m)(a^n) = a^(m+n).

= a^(8/2)