What is the plot of Pygmalion?

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Act 1: Colonel Pickering , Henry Higgins, Mrs. Eynsford Hill and her children Freddy and Clara are leaving the theatre. Freddy collides with flower girl Liza Doolittle who demands payment for her flowers. Higgins, a linguist, boasts that he could train her to talk like a duchess in 3 months,  and goes to dine with Pickering.

Act 2: Liza wants speech lessons from Higgins and Higgins and Pickering agree to the project as a bet. Doolittle, Liza’s father offers to sell her to them.

Act 3: Liza, despite her improved accent, is awkward at parties to which Henry takes her to practice conversation.

Act 4: Liza worries about her future. She and Freddie fall in love.

Act V: Liza and Freddy plan to marry and set up flower shop.

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