Write down the general form of a monic quadratic whos axis of symmetry is x=-2.

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The general form of monic quadratic equation  is

`x^2+bx+c=0` i.e. leading coefficient is 1.

The general form of a monic quadratic equation  whose axis of symmetry is x=-2.

`(x+2)^2-c=0`  , c is non negative constant.

for other parts please repost your proble.

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Hence find the equation of such quadratic:

a) passing through the origin, b) passing through (5,1) c) with x = 1 as one zero, d) with y intercept -6 e) touching the line y = -2 f) with range y≥7 g) whos tangent at x = 1 passes thorugh (0,0) h) which is tangent to y=-x^2

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