write down the events of holy prophet childhood till first revolution?  

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The major event of the life of he holy prophet before first revalation are given hereunder:

1. The holy prophet Mohammd was born orphan to a noble family (Banu Hashim of Quresh tribe) in April 570/571 AD (according to the Arab Lunar calendar called Year of the Elephants) - An year in which the ruler of Yemen tried to invade the Holy Mosque Ka'aba of Makkah but was perished by an act of God. His father's name was Abdullah.

2.  A poor woman Halima was appointed as his wet nurse who was too weak to feed but when she took little Mohammad his breasts were filled with milk. At an age of 4 he returns to Mekkah and is back in care of his mother.

3. His mother Aamina passed away at an age of 6 and he was brought up by the grandfather Adul Mutalib.

4. At the age of 8 his grandfather dies and he is takem care of by his uncle Abu Talib. He spend his childhood grazing goats in the wilderness of desert and does not go to school for learning. He get close to nature and ponders to find the reality of the world.

5. At an age of 12 he tavels to Syria with a trade caravan and meets Buhaira who forecasts his prophet-hood.

6. When he was 15, he helped to rivive the institution called Half-ul-Fudul (Pledge of Virtues), where members pledged them self to: (a) to keep peace among various tribes (b) to protect travellers from attacks on their journeys (c) to help the poor and needy (d) to protect the weak from their oppressors. His name became a house-hold word. His piety, good manners, honesty and trustworthiness made him so famous that he was given the titles of 'As-Saadiq' (The Truthful) and 'Al-Ameen' (The Trustworthy). His honesty led the people of Makkah to leave their goods and valuables in trust with him.

7. He resolved the dispute of laying the Black Stone (Hajr-e-Aswad) in Ka'aba at the age of 23 which has become a problem and was leading to fight.

8. He undertook the second trade journy to Syria at an age of 24 as an agent of a rich and noble widow Khadeejah-binte-Khuwaylid. When his caravan camped at a site in Syria, Nasturaa, a monk, showed more than ordinary interest in Mohammad and declared that according to their scriptures, he was the expected 'Last of all Prophets'. The trade mission to Syria proved so profitable that Khadeejah was overcome with admiration for him. In due course, he made several other trips to Bahrain, Yemen and Syria each time returning with greater profit.

9. His exemplary character was evident in many of his noble deeds. When his uncle Abu Taalib was hard pressed and in difficulty in a famine period, the holy prophet requested that he let him take custody of his children. Thus he took care of his son Ali-ibn-Abu Taalib.

10. Zaid-bin Haarith was a slave given to him by Khadeejah. One day Zaid's father Haarith and his uncle Ka'ab came to him to request the release of Zaid. He readily granted Zaid his freedom. But Zaid refused to part from the holy prophet. Seeing this, He promptly took Zaid with him to the court-yard of the Ka'bah and proclaimed Zaid as his own son before the people of Makkah.

11. Khadeejah sent two of her friends with a marriage proposal to him. As a mark of respect, Mohammad consulted his uncle Abu Taalib, and gladly accepted the proposal. Khadeejah was then 40 and he was 25. They had two sons, Qasim and Abdullah, both of whom passed away in childhood, and four daughters, Zaynb, Umme-kulthum, Ruqayya and Faatima.


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