Write a diary entry of one of the not so central characters of the story. (mention all the characters that relate to that character).

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dear Diary:

I wish I had been more alert and less apathetic. I wish I had not taken Squealer's word as truth. I realize that I often became frustrated because the commandments were changing.

Since I could do little to change things, I just accepted things without fighting. If I had been more vocal, I could have possibly saved my best friend Boxer. I should have seen it coming. Boxer is gone forever. He and I represented the working class. We have been too accepting of what the pigs have commanded us to do. 

Boxer and I were best friends. Together, we could have changed things. If we had rebelled instead of working so hard for Napolean, Boxer could have possibly been here today.

Apathy is dangerous. I now realize this. I should have acted and stood up against the control of the pigs. I, like Boxer, had blind faith in the pigs. I should have been alert to the fact that Napolean was killing us. We could not work hard enough. 

I wish I had realized sooner that Boxer was wrong. Boxer had complete faith in Napolean and repeated the following:

'If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.'

Now, Boxer is no more. When he became unable to work, Napolean had him slaughtered. It is too late to bring Boxer back. I allowed my best friend to die because I apathetically accepted things as they were.

I should have resisted all the demands the pigs made. I will never forget my friend Boxer. May he rest in peace!

Enlightened a little too late,



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