Write a detailed character sketch of Mr.Framton Nuttel?

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Mr. Framton Nuttel is a nervous type fellow. He is suffering from a nervous ailment. That is what brings him to the area he is visiting. He is trying to get some rest and relaxation. His sister leaves names and addresses for him to call upon for company.

Nuttel makes a call upon Mrs. Sappleton:

Mr. Framton Nuttel suffers from an undisclosed nervous ailment and comes to the country in hope that its atmosphere will be conducive to a cure. He brings a letter of introduction to Mrs. Sappleton in order to make her acquaintance for his stay in her village.

While he is waiting for her to come down to meet him, Mrs. Sappleton's niece tells Nuttel a tall tale. She tells Nuttel that Mrs. Sappleton is awaiting her dead husband and brother to walk though the open window at any minute. Already the nervous type, he has a nervous breakdown when he sees the long lost husband and brother of Mrs. Sappleton coming toward the open window.

Clearly, the niece Vera suspects that Nuttel is on edge and she plays a trick on his already tense, nervous condition. Nuttel falls for Vera's tall tale:

He believes her story, that the window remains open in hopes that Mrs. Sappleton's husband and brother, who the niece says are long dead, will one day return.

When Nuttel looks out the open window, he sees two gentlemen coming toward the house. He believes he is seeing the ghosts of Mrs. Sappleton's husband and brother coming toward the open window. He has a nervous breakdown. He rushes from the house in a state of panic:

Later, when Nuttel looks out the window and sees figures approaching who match the descriptions of the long-dead hunters in the niece's story, he suffers a mental breakdown and flees the house.

No doubt, Nuttel leaves Mrs. Sappleton's house in worse condition than when he arrived. He flees in an effort to avoid interaction with the ghosts of Mrs. Sappleton's husband and brother. Vera plays a terrible trick on Nuttel. He falls apart at the thoughts of seeing what he believes to be the ghosts of Mrs. Sappleton's husband and brother:

It is this story, of the death of some relatives who went hunting long ago, that eventually causes Framton Nuttel's breakdown.

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