Write a critical review of Manfield's story considering her style, language and characterisation.  I want to know how to go about the answer, and what to include in it

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I belive mansfeild through the character of Leila is mocking young girls of her time. Herself being quite a confident women, she has portrayed leila as the opposite of her own personality. Whereas katherine was rather bold for women of her time, leila is shown to be quite shy and indecisive. She is confused whether she should attend the ball or not. Mansfield had too much exposure but leila is an ametuar and has too less exposure compares to other girls of her age. here the story seems unrealistic as leila is eighteen yers old and girls of that time were exposed to the society when they were sixteen.

Also leila is shown to be to childish and immature for her age. Instead of facing the world maturely she is on the verge of bursting into tears during more than half the story. Her imagination, and ability to find everything wonderful when she is happy is again inappropriate and immature for her age.

Finally,she belives the old man spoils things for her by telling her the reality.It is suprising that leila does not realize this realty for herself. all she has to do is look at the women seated on the stage to realize that she too will age. Then again it is suprising that this reality should upset her for she has no control over it and it is only natural to age. Leila is too naive, even for women of her time


I hope you get the basic idea. lay emphasis on leila's immaturity and her denial or early unawareness of the reality of life (which every 1 except her knew :). support the main points with quotes from the text.

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