Write a critical note and summary of the sonnet "Amoretti 67" by Edmund Spenser.

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  • The Amoretti, by Sir Edmund Spender, is a series of sequential sonnets.  "Sonnet 67" picks up where "Sonnet 66" leaves off.
  • Whereas most of Petrarch's sonnets end with death or unfulfillment, Spencer's sonnets in the Amoretti end with union.
  • Here, in this bestiary sonnet, love is seen as a hunt, and the hunted has her own motives and desires, as she can be beguiling during the chase and then meek and gentle during the return.
  • Like many sonnets, Spencer juxtaposes attitudes about his subject, presenting her problem (the chase: playing hard to get) in the octet and offering a solution (physical or emotional union, marriage) in the sestet.
  • Man and beast, love and lover, male and female play a game of courtship: both relish in the chase and then, when tired, gives in to being led meekly away, presumably to marriage or the bed and, not, using the hunting metaphor, toward death.

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