Describe the narrative technique employed by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this novel, the author takes on the "persona" of the narrator, Elizabeth Bennet. In this way, the narrative technique combines first person narrative with omniscient narrator - but omniscient narrator only for the other characters, not Elizabeth herself. One of the great ironies of this novel is that the discerning Elizabeth cannot get the plank out of her own eye and realize her own "prejudices." This is why she totally misreads Darcy and is too quick to presume that there is nothing deeper behind his facade of pride.

The witty and clever way in which this novel is narrated is one of its very strong points. You can read a good analysis of the novel here on eNotes at the link below.


samanta187 | Student

In this novel Jane Austen adopted the direct or epic method of narration in which she employs the third person narration.As the events of the novel are concentrated around the actions of Elizabeth,it can be said that she is being used as a focalizer.Austen's technique of using focalization allows the readers to build up a relationship with Elizabeth so that we can better relate to and sympathise with her feelings.

Influence of drama is clear in the present novel.One critic have tried to demonstrate how the actions of the novel can be divided in five acts of drama.She uses dialogues to make her characters speak for themselves while she overhears them and narrates everything to her readers in a manner of a drammatist.It has been said ofPride and Prejudicethat many pages of the novel can be read as sheer poetry of wit and irony.

The plot of Pride and Prejudice is a neatly constructed one.Then the plot is highly symmetrical also.

Letters are used as a dramatic device in the novel to further the plot,aid in the revelations of characters and in the exposition of theme in this novel.

Austen is a master at ending each chapter in the novel with a bang,providing great humour or insight into a character within few lines giving a greater impact because of the fact that it is the conclusion to each little situation.

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