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I need help with a critical commentary and analysis the following poem by D.H. Lawrence: Why does the thin grey strand Floating up from the forgotten Cigarette between my fingers, Why does it trouble me? Ah, you will understand; When I carried my mother downstairs, A few times only, at the beginning Of her soft-foot malady, I should find, for a reprimand To my gaiety, a few long grey hairs On the breast of my coat; and one by one I let them float up the dark chimney.

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The title of this poem is "Sorrow" and it is one of many that fall under the title of Amores, which means "showing feeling." For Lawrence, instincts and feelings were of paramount importance. In this poem the speaker's memory collides with thought, and the intrusion of emotions is much more potent than thought.

The controlling metaphor of this poem which gives all else meaning is "the thin grey strand" which is literally the line of cigarette smoke, but represents the strands of grey hair belonging to the poet's mother as well as acting as a trope for the waning life of his dying mother. And, because this poem is autobiographical, there is a sense of unrestrained emotion wafting...

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