Thomas Hardy

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Write a critical analysis of the poem "In Church" by the poet Thomas Hardy.

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The poem "In Church" is representative of Hardy's many religious poems. Thomas Hardy began as a novelist and turned to writing poetry later in life. Hardy wrote with a pessimistic outlook on life not only in his fiction but in his poetry as well.  His characters often are the subject of an unkind and indifferent fate.


The two stanzas follow a set rhyme scheme: A B ABCC. The poem is narrated with a third person point of view. The setting is the auditorium of a church then the vestry to the side of the pulpit.  The poem is straightforward and clear in its diction and vocabulary .  There are three...

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In Church


"And now to God the Father", he ends,

And his voice thrills up to the topmost tiles:

Each listener chokes as he bows and bends,

And emotion pervades the crowded aisles.

Then the preacher glides to the vestry-door,

And shuts it, and thinks he is seen no more.


The door swings softly ajar meanwhile,

And a pupil of his in the Bible class,

Who adores him as one without gloss or guile,

Sees her idol stand with a satisfied smile

And re-enact at the vestry-glass

Each pulpit gesture in deft dumb-show

That had moved the congregation so.


Thomas Hardy

  • its a religious poetry speaks on christianity
  • tells about god annd how he s worshipped 



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