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The Monkey's Paw

by W. W. Jacobs
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Write the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. White as they stand on the quiet and deserted road at  the end of "The Monkey's Paw." Mr. White : Don’t cry honey , I am here I will protect you and I am so upset to lose our son! Mrs. White: I am very scary ,I can’t believe or even imagine that’s happen right now… my son forever!  I need my son . Mr. white : stop crying! Herbert is not just your son ,he is my son too ,if we still crying and upset we can’t forget this disaster and cant still alive , this is his destiny  ,every person will die … Mrs. White : oh..oh Herbert why you leave us ! I told you to threw  it but you keep it the paw !it is just a damn!! Mr. White :  it’s not  my fault ! why you blame me?! Mrs. White :  I can’t believe ..I just  want to leave this house ,everything reminds me of my son ! M r. White:  this is good idea to forget our disaster and our son will still alive in our hearts. Mrs. White : hold my hand and let’s get out of here! I wrote this conversation but please help me if it has any mistakes and say if the answer correct according to the question.

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Hello, Hasan. You might want to touch upon a theme of destiny or fate in the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. White; how sometimes you get what you wish for but the end result is not exactly what you had expected. Or how it is best not to tempt fate in the first place because the outcome may be worse than before. Misery is engulfing them following the realization that their dead son may have returned from the dead, but they probably now realize that he is better off with the third wish fulfilled. Perhaps a bit of hope can be instilled in your conversation as well.

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