What is a good character analysis of Danforth, John Proctor, and Abigail?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Danforth is the judge in charge of making decisions at the witch-trials. He is arrogant and feels superior to everyone in Salem.  He is determined to take care of the witch problem, therefore his mind is already made up before he hears any testimony. Once one person is hanged as a witch, he must be consistent in his rulings to maintain the legitimacy of his authority. 

When he discovers that Abigail's testimony is questionable, and not reliable, he does not worry about the 12 people he has executed on her say so, he worries that his life will be threatened by an angry mob of citizens once they realize that the whole process has been false.   

Proctor is a hard working farmer who has made a mistake, having an affair with Abigail.  He loves his family and is trying to make things work with his wife, Elizabeth.  He believes in the truth and does not want anything to do with the witch trials.  He is dragged into the process by Abigail, when his wife is accused. 

Proctor is an honest man, he confesses his crime of adultery and hopes to clear his name of the witchcraft accusation, but chooses to die instead of sacrificing his integrity. 

Abigail is a confused, lonely girl who falls in love with a father figure, Proctor.  She wants him with a passion that she cannot control.  Abigail engages in behavior that is forbidden by the Puritan community.  She is selfish, cold and capable of great cruelty. 

munkeyfunk | Student

^^ Its Parris who worries about the dagger not Danforth

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