Write a comprehensive note on Bertrand Russell: The Passionate Skeptic.Please explain the queestion with examples.

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Betrand Russell: The Passionate Skeptic is a biography written by Alan Wood.  In order to write a "comprehensive note" on this book you need to read with a purpose.  This means, determine what you would like to "review" about the book, and read with a mind to gather information for your goal.

Because it is a biography, you might try to determine what the author's main purpose was in writing it.  Ask yourself: How does Alan Wood wish to portray Bertrand Russell?  (In this, you are likely going to be defining what he means by "Passionate Skeptic.")

As you read, take notes (gather evidence) in the form of quotes or paraphrased ideas (with page numbers for reference) that help you show what the author meant by "passionate skeptic."  Keep in mind you are not only looking for his meaning, but his method as well.  How does the author present Bertrand Russell?  What techniques does he use?

Once you've read with a purpose and taken copious notes, organize your thoughts into one overall purpose (of the author) and three sub-topics (ways he accomplishes his purpose--or--ways he presents his subject).  This will set you up for a logically organized essay which reviews the book without relying on summarizing and re-telling.