I need some ideas for a composition describing 'My Idea Of Heaven'.

Expert Answers
tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Heaven is an idyllic Utopian world, most people believe we will not achieve outside of the 'afterlife.'  If you are a Christian, you will enter heaven if you follow the teachings, and examples of Jesus the Christ.  If you are Jewish, follow the teachings of the one true God in the Torah.  Muslim, follow Allah and his teachings in the Quran. 

In light of what Heaven is, what would be a perfect world? 

Would marriage be any different, or would it even exist?  (Jesus said that people would not marry, or be given in marriage in Heaven). 

Would there still be famines?  Would there still be political discord? 

What other differences would there be between a perfect world and this one? 

If you can anwer these questions, you will be describing your idea of heaven.