Write a chemical equation for the reaction that occurs between Cu2+(aq) and Mg(s) and identify which is oxidized and which is reduced This is a Redox reaction: A small piece of magnesium is placed in a ion solution of Cu2+

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In this reaction, `Cu^(2+)` will be reduced and Mg will be oxidized.

Two redox reactions are,


`Mg_((s)) ------------gt Mg_((aq))^(2+) + 2e`


`Cu_((aq))^(2+) + 2e -----------gt Cu_((s))`


`Cu^(2+)` will accept two electron from Mg and get reduced to Cu while Mg will be oxidized to  `Mg^(2+)`


The overall reaction would be.

`Cu_((aq))^(2+)+Mg_((s)) ----------gt Cu_((s)) + Mg_((aq))^(2+)`



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