Write a character evaluation about the old man of the sea?Consider theme , characters, title, language

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For a full character analysis, you must consider all the ways in which the character is defined.  What he says, his physical description, what others say and think about him, what he does, and others react to what he does. 

The Old Man, Santiago, is a simple man.  He is well-renowned for his talent for fishing--everyone knows he has been a successful fisherman for years, but lately he has gone for a couple of months without catching anything.  The townspeople are concerned that he has become unlucky.  Santiago is described as having "determined" eyes, so we know he will not succumb to that label.

As he goes out alone fishing, he does not give in even though his hands are cracked and bleeding and the weather does not treat him kindly.  While the flesh of the fish he catches is eaten by other fish as he returns home, it is enough for him to have the skeleton tied to his boat and have all the townspeople see it and recognize him for the great fisherman he is.  His actions speak louder than words, and that is duly noted as he docks with the fish that is larger than his boat tied to the side.

Theme reiterates this as one of them is perservance in the face of adversity.  Santiago definitely defeats the odds.  He also wins the fight of man vs. nature.  This is part of who he is...the salty old character that never takes "no" for an answer.

His language is also simple.  He uses no ten dollar words to express himself.

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