Write the character setch of Madam Loisel from "The Necklace".in 300 words  

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marilynn07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Madam Loisel is a nag. She is concerned with appearances and what others might think. She is somewhat shallow and prideful. She is pushy toward her husband to get invited to dinner parties and make social appearances.

When invited to a party hosted by someone of some importance, she borrows a fancy necklace to wear from one of her old school mates.  She doesn't realize the necklace is cheap costume jewelry and not worth very much.  Mme Loisel shows that she really has no class or sense about what things are worth only what they appear to be worth.  She might also have not borrowed the most expensive looking piece of jewelry offered to her.

She loses the necklace and works very hard to buy a "genuine" necklace for her friend.  By this time, she is old and decrepit and broken down from all of the hard work. She is also very embittered against her friend who loaned her the necklace in the first place. After a time, she runs into her friend in the market who still looks young and pretty. She confesses the whole story to her and only then finds out that the original necklace was costume jewelry which had been replaced with real diamonds.

sara-e | Student

Hello Marlyn^, to be honest, A character sketch gives a vivid picture or lets say video of the person( Madame Loisel) you'll write about. Plus, you should always show , don't tell about the person's personality and mannerism. You can use relevant, meaningful  quotations and write actions of the person. Sorry. I'm not critisizing :)