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Can you provide a character analysis of the bachelor in "The Storyteller" written by Saki(H.H.Munro)?

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In their narratives, authors use various methods of characterization:  through a physical description

  1. through a physical description of the character
  2. through the character's actions
  3. through the character's thoughts, feeling, and speeches
  4. through the comments and reactions of other characters
  5. through direct statements giving the writer's opinion of the character.

The first four methods are called indirect methods of characterization while the last method is direct characterization since with it the author tells rather than dramatizes.

In his witty short story, "The Storyteller," Saki presents his character, the bacelor, mainly through his speech and comments and reactions toward other characters with some characterization through the reactions of the aunt.

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With his own inimitable wit and psychological insight, Saki presents the reader with what seems a confirmed bachelor who is uncomfortably confined to a compartment on...

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