What are some major concerns of Indian Aesthetics?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The study of Aesthetics is mainly concerned with beauty and artistic merit. It often covers both the critical view and the creation of art in various forms.

Art in India has, historically, been about the reflection of religion and philosophy in the real world. Much of the sculpture, paintings, poetry, and literature created before the 19th century was based entirely on religion and spirituality, focusing on the emotion and feelings created in the audience. In this way, Indian Art developed along lines of the accepted religions during each century and decade, and differs from region to region depending on which type of religion or philosophy is accepted. The nature of Man and his place in the Larger Universe is important, as is the expression of emotion through both feeling and action; Indian Theatre is deeply associated with interpretive dance, many of which are based on the religious dances of old. Dance is one of the most evocative methods of self-expression, and remains an important part of Indian Artistic Expression.

Today, Indian Art is more contemporary, but still retains flavors or facets of its historical background. Films from India retain a very strong influence from the dance and theatre traditions, even in unusual genres like Action and Science Fiction.

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