Write a brief note on Postcolonial Theory.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given the wide nature of the question, I think that there might be some openness to the answer being sought.  In my mind, one of the strongest elements of note in Postcolonialism would have to involve the relationship between the individual, their social order, and the previous imposition of another social structure.  This tripartite relationship lies at the heart of Postcolonial literary theory and the literature that emerges from the genre.  The Postcolonial writer is concerned with how the different prisms through which reality is viewed can help to constitute reality and what is understood by it.  I think that this is probably where Postcolonialism is vitally important for it casts individuals into a setting where different valences of being is examined.  Issues like identity of self in a current context, identity of self in a previous context, and how the modern individual might end up being straddled in one or both worlds simultaneously is vitally important.  For individuals of the Postcolonial time period and for nations that have emerged from the centuries old notion of Colonial identity, these issues are essential for they constitute some of the very basic notions of reality.  I think that any discussion of Postcolonialism has to focus on these points and makes the literary theory and the style of work worthy of note.