Write a brief note on Blake's representation of innocence in "The Lamb"."The Lamb" is one of the poems of innocence of William Blake.

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The Songs of Innocence poems represent the writer in the days of his youth, when he was innocent of the knowledge that the world moved in cycles, from light to dark to light; the companion pieces in Songs of Experience voice his later realizations.  The combination of poems depict the human condition fully.  Blake equates innocence with youth:  “On a cloud I saw a child,” “Little Lamb, who made thee?” , “My mother bore me,” etc. By using natural landscapes, flowers, etc., he echoes one of the main themes in other Romantic poems:  We are born pure and uncluttered by earth’s  “toys,” and life forces us to experience the higher universal truth: change, cycles, growth.  He is reminding the reader: “You, too, saw life differently when you were young and innocent; now with your experience of life’s lambs and tigers, you are invited to return to the joy, the appreciation of nature, that you once knew so well”  "The Lamb" is particularly striking because Blake refers to Jesus' name, "the Lamb of God,"  thereby stressing the God-made-man miracle that forms the basis of Christianity, and equating our innocence with His.

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It looks as if when he wrote the poems of "songs of Innocence", Blake obesrved and perceived only innocence in the world. He is ignorant of the creation and creatures of God. He asks the lamb, "who has made thee?" Here the lamb is a symbol of innocence. There is no other creature of God as meek and mild as the lamb.

The world of the "songs of Innocence" is largely a child's world. It is a world of simplicity, purity, happiness and security. In a nut shell, it is a state of delight, knows no misery, not yet grown up to realise weal and woe both. The mind is without fear; when threatened by danger, somebody is at hand to console.

The lamb suggests the lamb of God that "taketh away the sin of the world". The vital point in this poem is the nature of the innocent creature of God. The innocent lamb symbolizes Christ, the incarnation of love and tenderness. The child which speaksin the poem is also identified with Christ. For, Christ became a child and praised the innocence of children.

In the poems included in the "songs of Innocence", Blake represent a laughing child as his inpiration forhis poems. He gives us a vision of the world as he sees through the eyes of a child. A child finds this world as  one of purity, joy and security.

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