Write a brief characterization of "Silky Bob" and Jimmy Wells.I'm not sure how to write a characterization. so, hopefully somebody can help me.

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jimmy Wells 

1.  self assured.  He walks his beat "Impressively".  O'Henry tells us that this impressiveness was "habitual" and not for show.  He is not trying to impress anyone. He made a "fine picture of the guardian of the peace"

2. Observant: He casts his "watchful eye" down the street. He recognizes his friend's face as the man "wanted in Chicago".

3. Plodder: He wasn't the hustler that Bob was.  That is why he stayed in New York.  Bob says that a man gets "in a groove in New York."

3. Honest: His friend was a wanted criminal.  Jimmy couldn't ignore that and had to arrest him but couldn't do it himself. He does tell Bob in a note that he was the reason Bob was arrested. 

4. A friend: Bob describes him as the "truest, staunchest old chap in the world."  Again, he couldn't arrest his friend and says "Somehow I couldn't do it myself" .

5. Punctual: He was there at the appointed time, and Bob knew he would be there.  

Silky Bob

1. Adventurer: He was the one who set out for the West looking for his fortune. He says that "It takes the West to put a razor-edge on him" (a person).

2. Hustler: He says that he "kept hustling it over pretty lively"

3. Punctual:  He is there on time

4. Successful:  He wears a big diamond on his scarf. The police officer asks him if he was successful in the West.  He says, "You bet. I hope Jimmy has done half as well."

5. Criminal: He is a wanted man in Chicago. He seems to have gotten into some trouble because he has a scar over one eye.

6. Arrogant: Leans against the store and lights his cigar, and pulls out an impressive watch.  He says that he had to deal with "some of the sharpest wits to get my pile"

7. Treasures his friendship:  He travels over a thousand miles to meet his friend and "it's worth it if my old partner shows up"

8. Patient: The police officer asks him if he is going to call time on his friend at 10 sharp, and Bob says "I should say not!... I'll give him half an hour at least.


schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In writing your essay, start with an introduction to the story you are discussing and briefly explain the characters.  You might want to explain their relationship to one another and why they are meeting on this particular night.

The second paragraph should be about one character, Jimmy Wells, and his qualities. It should give examples of why you have given the character these qualities --- specific things from the story.

The third paragraph should be about the other character, Silky Bob, and his qualities. It should give examples of why you have given the character these qualities - specific things from the story.

Your last paragraph can be an opinon. Which opinion you choose can be up to you.  Do you think that Jimmy was right to have his friend arrested?  Do you think that one character is better developed than the other?  Do you think that one character is a better person than another?  You choose the opinon you want to have, but choose ONLY ONE and develop it.  An opinion is NO good without a reason.  So you must have a reason for your opinion.  State your opinion and then tell your reason WHY you think that way.   You should have at least two reasons why you have your opinion.  If you do not have at least two reasons, you do not have enough information to make your opinion valid.

That should give you four well-developed paragraphs if you write them correctly and include all the details.