Write a brief biography on Muni's character?

jessicamartin1997 | Student

Muni, an old and desperately poor man, is the protagonist of the story. Once he was rich, with a large flock of sheep, but misfortunes have left him with only two goats. He and his wife have almost no income and no children to help take care of them. Every day, Muni takes the goats out to graze on the scarce grass outside of town, while his wife pulls something together for an evening meal.  Like many poor and struggling people, he fears authority figures, and so he fears the American who steps out of a strange car wearing khaki clothes. While the man tries to talk with him about the statue, Muni babbles on about a recent murder and the end of the world. At the end he seems to have temporarily escaped his money troubles, but his bad luck continues when his wife suspects him of thievery and threatens to leave.

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