Write a brief analysis on the theme of loneliness in Waiting for Godot?

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The play Waiting for Godotby Samuel Beckett treats the topic of loneliness from the perspective of social, mental, and spiritual isolation instead of treating it as a state of physical separation. The rationale behind the choice of treating this topic coincides with the play's existentialist influence, which contends that life is, itself, an isolated event with no real meaning nor purpose. This is why Waiting for Godot presents an atmosphere of melancholy, longing, and nonsense in the form of the actual wait for Godot: A person, entity, or thing that never manifests itself.

As a way to mock social injustice and the separation of the classes, we see how the character of Lucky seems to be left to his own devices. He is Pozzo's slave and property, which means that he must do as Pozzo pleases or else he will be punished. In his own world of a slave, Lucky is completely alone. Nobody...

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