How could I write a book report on Animal Farm relating to the Russian Revolution?

Expert Answers
belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most important thing to do is read the book, which should be available in your school or local library. If not, it is available to read online for free on and other websites. The novel is a fairly short and fast read, and shouldn't take too long.

Second, read up on the Russian Revolution and its impact on world events, paying attention to the roles of Karl Marx and his philosophies, and how Joseph Stalin altered them to exploit the Russian people. This is a major theme in the novel, in metaphor, and should provide many topics for reporting.

One very good topic would be the role of propaganda in fostering rebellion; Old Major's original ideas of Animalism are initially based in the equality of all animals, but are perverted by Napoleon for his own personal benefit. Similar events tend to happen in countries which try to implement forms of Marxism; the major failure is that true Marxism would have no government structure at all, but it is almost impossible to create a revolution without some form of hierarchy and leadership, and leaders tend to become enamored with power.

Finally, make sure to read the eNotes sudy guides; they have a lot of information about how the novel relates to real-life events.