Write an argumentative essay on Susan G. Komen debacle.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When any writing has to be done about an issue that is relatively recent in the news, there has to be some distinct thoughts as to what is going to be said.  The essay is going to be near- impossible to write if you are not clear on what you are going to argue about the issue because there is so much information out there about it.  This is where you have to engage in some reflection that ends up with a precise topic.  What, exactly, do you want to say about the Komen decision to cut off and then restore funding to Planned Parenthood?  Once you determine this, I think that you will be able to develop an argumentative essay that is quite compelling because the topic is really powerful.

Perhaps, one take you would want to take is that the fundamental tension that led to the recent debacle had been brewing for some time.  On one hand, the Komen foundation wanted to exist outside of the realm of politics and political agenda advancement.  Providing care and social as well as medical awareness for women's health should be an issue that is non- politicized.  Yet, its funding for Planned Parenthood presented a fundamental challenge that existed for some time.  On one hand, Planned Parenthood helps millions of women, some of whom cannot afford basic health care amenities.  In funding this organization, the Komen foundation helped to fund millions of women screening for breast cancer.  Yet, the implications of funding Planned Parenthood and its strong link to providing abortion services had always been there.  The leadership of the Komen foundation sort of enabled the recent debacle to take place because it had not laid out a clear policy on the issue.  Perhaps an argument could be made that the organization needed to clearly, from the outset, argue that providing women's health care and, in particular, screening for breast cancer is the most important end of the foundation and nothing else will trump it.  Instead, a lack of clear vision on this issue resulted in never resulting the fundamental political one present.  It ended up becoming played out in the press and the "two- step" as a result could be seen as something that was caused by nothing more than a lack of social courage and political conviction.  This is an argument that can be advanced with much in way of compelling analysis.  Yet, this paper will not develop if there is not a clear and focused idea of what your thoughts about the debacle actually are.