How do I write an Introduction for the play Julius Casear?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To introduce Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, it is interesting to note that there is much debate over who the protagonist actually is. It seems unlikely that it is Julius Caesar, even though the play bears his name, since he is killed almost immediately and his ghost only comes into consideration on two occasions. It also seems unlikely to some critics that Brutus is the protagonist because he has billing after many other characters in the play.

But, whoever the protagonist is, it is Brutus who has the tragic end. Julius Caesar raises alarm among the Senators of Rome for fear that he might agree to be crowned king by the people, which would make him a monarchical dictator in a land that is a republic. A scheme is plotted to assassinate him so that he may never accept a crown and thus end the Republic of Rome. Brutus has a hard time deciding whether to join the conspiracy or not but finally is persuaded. After it is too late and Rome is plunged into civil war following Caesar's assassination, Brutus realizes he has made a fatal error in judgment and falls on his sword, thus ending his life and the war.

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