Write an expression that represents the quotient of X and 2 minus 8.

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Write an expression that represents the quotient of x and 2 minus 8:

The word quotient indicates a division, often written as a fraction. So the quotient of p and q would be written as `p/q` . Here p is the phrase represented by "x" and q the phrase "2 minus 8".

2 minus 8 can be written as 2-8 since minus indicates subtraction.

So the expression will be `x/(2-8)`

Of course we can evaluate 2-8 as -6 so we could write the rational expression (fraction) as `x/(-6)` or `(-x)/6` or even `-x/6` .

The word "and" is often used to link two expressions. For instance if we are asked to find the product of x and y we write x*y or xy. The sum of x and y is x+y, and the difference between x and y is x-y. Notice that "and" links two expressions; the product of x and y plus 2 is written as x(y+2) -- the word "and" differentiates between the two factors.

When translating verbal descriptions to mathematical expressions there are other words to look for:

plus, and, increased by, sum all indicate addition.
minus, difference, less, decreased by indicate subtraction.
of often means multiplication.

These are not "rules", but are decent guidelines to use when you are stuck.

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