Write an expression for the most apparent nth term of the sequence. Assume that n begins with 1. 3,7,11,15,19... can someone please tell me if I'm correct?   3,7,11,15,19...= 4n - 1 1/3,2/9,4/27,8/81,... (1^(n - 1))/3^n

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1) Your first answer is correct.

You have an arithmetic sequence with the common difference 4, and first term 3.


2) Your answer is incorrect.

we notice that the numerators are 1,2,4,8,... in other words 2^0,2^1,2^2,2^3,... Thus the nth term should have numerator 2^(n-1). You got the denominator part correct.

Hence `a_n=(2^(n-1))/(3^n)`






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