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Write an example of a public service announcement for a police or sheriff's department urging use of the 9-1-1 system for emergencies only.

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Here’s an example of a 30 second spot:

Start the spot with a recording of a 911 call in which an obviously intoxicated caller calls because he can’t find his house keys:

Operator:  “911.”

Caller (with slurred speech):  “I can’t find my damn house keys!”

Operator:  “Sir, you have called 911 for a non-emergency.  Please hang up immediately.”

The announcer then says:

“ How would you feel if you called 911 for an emergency and the line was busy?

This could happen if the operator was busy with a non-emergency call.

Remember this:

In the case of emergency, 911 is the one.

In the case of no emergency, 911 is no fun.

It’s the law…911 for emergency only.

Use, don’t abuse!”

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