Write an example of a newspaper report on "Lamb to the Slaughter" after Patrick's death without saying that Mary Maloney killed him. at the most 200 words

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You should read several newspaper articles to get a good idea of how a news story is written. When writing a news story, you should include the five W's: who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how is included as well. Use the five W's to first outline your story about Patrick's death. From that, you can then put them into a story.

  • who: the characters in the story and brief description of who they are
  • what happened: brief description of murder
  • when: the time given in the story when Patrick came home
  • where it happened
  • why: Do police know why someone would kill Patrick?

Once you do this, you can write your news story from your outline. Just remember that a reporter only writes the facts that are given and doesn't put in any opinions about what happened. 

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Sorry I meant write the article out because i want to see an example. The article that i have to write is called "On the sidewalk bleeding" but just for an example i would like to see one for "lamb to the slaughter"

If you have time please do so(: