I need help with an essay that starts as follows: "If I were the President of India"

Expert Answers
estoverl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to "The Park Place Economist" several broad categories of problems plague India as they work to become a major developed country in the world. These problems are low literacy rates, overpopulation, poor sanitation, and clean water. 

In writing an essay titled "If I were the President of India", I would certainly address these topics with some information about each. 

Literacy rates are low primarily due to high drop out rates and a shortage of qualified teachers. The dropout rates are over 40% for children up to eighth grade. A new president should address ways to keep children in school and increase qualified teachers. 

Safe drinking water is a huge issue for a new president to address. The lack of rain, large populations and large numbers of agricultural areas that have poor drainage and sewage systems mean that contaminants regularly leak into clean water supplies. 

Sanitation in India is severely lacking. Not only do people not have the supplies and equipment to safely use the bathroom and clean themselves, using the restroom and discarding infant waste in the streets is still often used.

Overpopulation efforts in the form of safe birth control should continue so that parents have a choice about how many children they wish to have. In areas where proper health care and birth control is available, this is working. 

Choose all or just a couple of these issues to address in your essay about becoming the president of India. 

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an exciting topic with limitless possibilities. As a president, you are able to do a lot. In light of this, I you should probably pick a few things that are most important to you; you would not want to inundate people with too much. In light of this, here is what I would say.

First, I would address business practices, so that they are in line with the international community. Many foreign companies are hesitant to do business in India, because of the current economy climate. Making it easier for international companies to use India's talent pool, ability to speak English, and generally hard work ethic, will be a boon. 

Second, I would focus on the importance of law and having a civil society. Last year, there was a terrible rape on a bus. This showed that there is big problem with treating women well in society. 

Third, I would address the importance of taking care of the poor. India for all its wealth is a seriously bifurcated nation in terms of wealth. For India to thrive, there needs to be a strong middle class.