Assess how Smart TV's in India are in the introduction stage.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An argument can be made that Smart TV's are still in the introduction stage throughout the Indian market.  On one hand, broadband saturation has not reached maximum capacity.  Broadband capacity is still emerging throughout India, and within this, the Smart Television is still in the introduction stage of the product life cycle.

One way that the introduction phase is seen with the Smart Television in the India is through idea validation. There is a need within the marketplace that is not being met through current products.  A significant amount of Indian consumers of television want the capacity of their televisions to increase.  At the same time, the demand for HD programming and devices that can carry such programs are increasing.  It is this growing trend within the marketplace where the introduction phase of the Smart Television can be seen.  At the same time, awareness of the capacity of the Smart Television is growing, making the product in the introduction stage of the product life cycle in India:  "Little wonder that most consumer electronics brands are now offering a range of Smart TV in various sizes and price points to meet the needs of the consumers." The "needs of the consumers" are growing, reflective of the introduction stage.  Products such as Smart Televisions are being created to satisfy these emerging needs.  As India experiences greater broadband saturation and internet connectivity throughout the nation, these needs will increase.  The result of this will be a greater demand for Smart Televisions, thereby causing the introduction phase to be replicated at different times throughout India.  

Penetration of the Smart Television in the Indian marketplace is not rampant and pervasive.  As pricing becomes a greater concern in order to broaden the reach of the Smart Television and as competition begins to grow in strength, introduction into the marketplace will continue.  These considerations are further evidence that the Indian marketplace for Smart Televisions is in the introduction phase of the product.  "Though in India this trend is still at a nascent stage, the market is evolving at a rapid pace," and this is reflective of the introductory aspect of the Smart Television in India.