Essay outline for 5 paragraphs on whether its right that professional footballers can earn in a week what takes normal people 8 to 7 years?I need help with this.

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We at enotes can't write your outline or essay for you, and unless one of us has happened to have researched the subject, we couldn't anyway.  First of all, you need to research the subject and find out what the average salary is in the league you're talking about, and find out what the average income of workers is in the area.  You need to be able to name those figures if you're writing an essay that's at all serious.

Then you need to read what others say about the economic justice or injustice of this, then prewrite (write lists, brainstorm, cluster, etc.) in order to develop your own ideas. 

Eventually, you'll need to develop reasons why this is either just or unjust.  Once you've refined your thoughts and arguments, then you can write a thesis, supporting topic sentences, and conclusion.  But we can't refine your thoughts for you or write a thesis, etc.

That said, some of the issues you will want to consider follow:

  • That's capitalism.  If the players generate so much income for the owners that the owners are willing to pay them so much money, then so be it.
  • How many people work as hard and attain such a high level of excellence as do football players?
  • How can one justify paying athletes such high salaries, when firefighters, police, teachers are paid so little?
  •  Isn't anyone making that kind of money unjust?

Just some ideas off the top of my head.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This, of course, will depend on your point of view.  You might not agree with mine.

My thesis statement would be:

Even though it seems wrong for footballers to make so much more money than a person doing a normal job, they only make this much because we as a society decide they should.  Therefore, it is not wrong for this to happen.

My first paragraph would explain why I don't like them making this amount of money.  I'd point out that all they do is kick balls around (or, in the case of Henry, use their hands).  They do not contribute like a doctor or teacher to society.

Second argument is that they are more unique than a doctor or teacher.  Anyone can be a teacher, many can be doctors.  There are very, very few who can be Cristiano Ronaldo.

Finally, if we don't like that they make so much, we can stop them.  All we have to do is stop watching their matches, buying their shirts, etc.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a capitalist society, we tend to reward what is popular much more than we reward what is socially beneficial or valuable.  A police officer, for example, earns very little compared to almost any other professional, even though part of their job is to expose themselves to dangerous situations on a daily basis.  While a football player has talent, size, training, etc. that other Americans do not, and provides entertainment to mainstream America, a police officer's role in society is surely more important.  So, one could say, is a teacher, or a social worker, or a public defender, but we reward these jobs poorly with low pay and benefits and stressful working conditions.  One could easily argue, then, that society should reward those positions that have the most positive influence on our society, and not necessarily reward those in sports and entertainment nearly as much as they do now.

krishna-agrawala | Student

It is not only professional footballer who earn much more money than average people. Lot of people who have achieved high degree of capability and recognition in providing services in areas that are highly valued have comparable or higher earnings. The profession that are well known for very high earnings for people who excel in them include many other fields such as other sports, movies, music, legal practice, medical practice, and fiction writers. Of course the people who have the highest incomes are businessmen including people who have made large sums of money on the stock market.

If it is wrong for footballer to earn a lot of money than it is wrong for any one else to earn very high money also.