Write an essay on technology with a word limit of about a thousand words.  

An essay on technology could focus on the ways technology both improves our lives and presents us with challenges or concerns. Constructing a solid thesis should help you organize these thoughts well.

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The first thing you'll need to do is determine a good thesis. With a topic this broad, there are many angles you could take. I might consider one that addresses that there are many benefits to using technology, however great care should be given to considering its negative impact.

With this structure, you could then outline some ways technology makes our lives better or easier. I'm sure many of these come to mind already, but here are some ideas that you could use for those body paragraphs:

  • Technology has decreased the amount of time necessary for completing household tasks, allowing more couples the freedom for outside employment, if that is their choice.
  • Technology has made it possible for news to spread around the world quickly.
  • Technology connects people who live far away with an intimacy that wasn't possible even twenty years ago. (Think of the way FaceTime and Skype have changed the way people can connect.)
  • Technology has opened a path for education for people who cannot attend a physical school.
  • Technology has made us safer and healthier in many ways. For example, people who used to undergo open-heart surgery often have the option to avoid this procedure now, and Tesla is working hard to decrease automobile accidents.

You could then some concerns regarding our increasing reliance on technology, such as the following:

  • Some believe that most people are not getting smarter because of the technology we use. They argue that our increasing reliance on quickly finding information does not stretch our ability to reason for ourselves and to find our own conclusions.
  • There is evidence which links the amount of time people (particularly young people) spend online to increased rates of suicide and depression.
  • News spreads quickly. While this is also a benefit, there are concerns with inaccurate information spreading quickly and being perceived as the truth.
  • There is growing evidence that some forms of daily technology can be bad for the health of humans with long term usage.
  • As more technology replaces the work once done by humans, there are more people at risk of unemployment as their work is phased out of existence.

In the end, you can draw some conclusions about your findings and determine what people should consider as our world continues to move forward with increasingly complex and varied forms of technologies.

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