Write an essay on political, religious, socio-cultural, scientific, and artistic movements of England during Renaissance period.

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An essay on the topic of the political, religious, socio-cultural, scientific and artistic trends of Renaissance England should begin with an introduction that gives an overview of the period and names the major leaders. Such an essay could be divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction: The English Renaissance is generally described as the period from the late 15th century to the early 17th century. It was a transformative period in English history, in which England became a major world power and economic powerhouse.
  • Politics: The major monarchs of this period included Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and James I. The defeat of the Spanish Armada defined England as a major maritime power. This was a great age of exploration and colonization, which both resulted from and fueled international trade.
  • Religion: Henry VIII was instrumental in founding the Protestant Church of England, with a vernacular liturgy. This made England independent of the papacy and gave the Crown greater control over church temporalities.
  • Science: In this period, scientists broke with the medieval Aristotelian tradition and became increasingly interested in empirical research. The experiment method was advocated by Francis Bacon. Harvey discovered the circulation of the blood.
  • Culture: Vernacular literature flourished as English replaced Latin as a literary language. A combination of revival of classical drama and new innovations led to a great era in English drama, led by playwrights such as Shakespeare, Marlowe, Beaumont, and Fletcher. Major poets of the period include Spenser and Sydney. Accentual-syllabic verse replaced earlier strong stress meters. England's wealth meant increased funding for secular projects such as stately homes and paintings.
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