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I need help writing an essay on "the Great Victorian Poets".

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You will have to do your own research on this, but you don't give us much information with which to help you. Do you need to write on the Victorian poets as a group? Can you choose one poet? A few poets? This is a pretty broad question.

The Victorian poets are some of the greatest poets in English literature. They include:

Matthew Arnold

Charlotte Bronte

Emily Bronte

Elizabeth Browning

Robert Browning

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Rudyard Kipling

Christina Rosetti

Dante Gabriella Rosetti

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Oscar Wilde

These poets primarily wrote during the reign of Queen Victoria (from 1837-1901).

Although Queen Victoria’s reign implies a period of sexual repression and social conformity, the Victorian poets did not always “comply” with the expectations of Victorian society. The sonnet became very popular during this time and many female poets received important recognition for their art. Alfred Lord Tennyson is said to have been Queen Victoria’s favorite poet.

If you give us more information, perhaps we can be more helpful. There is information on the Victorian Period here on eNotes.

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