Write an essay around 200 words on someone who did not listen to the advice of his parents.

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I am truly sorry, but at enotes we are in the market to help students understand facets of literature and the components of writing, but not to do the actual essay writing for you.  There are many ways to help stimulate your creativity and writing ability here, however.   There is even an essay lab where you can post portions of your essay for people here to critique!  The link for that is below as well. 

First, think about your subject matter.  What are the consequences of not listening to the advice of his parents?  What do you want the reader to learn from the essay--that listening and considering the advice is the best practice, or that he should always (or even sometimes) ignore his parents' advice?  Whatever the case may be, outlining your goals will always provide a guideline for the writing so that you will be able to better avoid tangents.  This is always important when you have a word limit--200 words is not a lot, and creating a good essay in so few words is harder than one thinks.  Without the outline, you may not be able to do it successfully.  Check out the links I've included for more advice.  Good Luck!



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