Write an essay about a time when you were acutely aware of being different. How did you react? Did you try to hide your difference in order to fit in, or did you reveal or celebrate your uniqueness?

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When writing any type of essay, it is always a good idea to brainstorm first about what you are going to write about. In the case of this personal narrative essay, your brainstorming process should including reflecting on your own life experiences. It would be useful to focus on one specific occasion and describe it in detail. For instance, one might write about transferring from a school in a small town to a new school in a big city. Starting a new activity where everyone already knows each other and comes from the same background can definitely make a person feel different. In this example, one might write about their first day at that school and how they acted.

Once you have picked your topic, you should strive to describe the occasion in detail but focus on the questions on the prompt. For instance, you do not want to focus too much on describing what the room looked like. Instead, you should focus on what your thoughts were at that time. For instance, your first body paragraph might be about what the situation was and why you felt different. Then you could move on to a paragraph about your reaction and how it made you feel inside. Next, you could explain what you did to address the situation. For example, maybe you tried to observe how others acted and mimicked them to try and fit in. Or perhaps you started talking to others about your experiences so they did not think you were strange just because you were different. Finally, when concluding your narrative, you could reflect on what this experience taught you about yourself and about individualism.

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