Write an essay of about 400-600 words which involves the suspense element.how to start the essay and how to write the whole thing, basically??

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the editors here at enotes do not write papers or essays for students, we are here to offer advice and suggestions.  When brainstorming for a topic for a suspense essay, you may wish to turn to some of the masters of suspense and read stories that they have written, such as narratives by Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.  One technique of Poe's is the in media res beginning which does not provide enough background information for the reader to be able to determine where the action is headed.  Reading other stories such as Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" would be helpful, as well.

Here are some other suggestions for creating suspense:

1. Create a feeling of urgency by using the present tense and describing sparingly the immediate emotions of the characters.

2.Surprise your readers by having the unexpected happen.  In "The Most Dangerous Game," for example, Zaroff retreats from his chase until the next day instead of pursuing Rangerford.  Then, at the story's end, Rangerford certainly acts unexpectedly.

3. Use a short time span for your story.  Most stories that happen in a single night or day are the most suspenseful.

4.  Pace your story with highs and lows both, not one feverish pitch which can easily lose its excitement.

5. Create danger.  Remember that the danger can come from an unlikely source.

Below is a site that describes the ghost story, which is one type of suspense story.