I need help writing an essay of 3000 words on a period/lit. group in british poetry/a british poet/a british poem

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When choosing a poet or poetic style from England to write about, you can hardly choose a more English one than William Wordsworth. Also, in choosing this poet you could kill two birds with one stone by covering An English Poet and The Romantics at the same time. Wordsworth is a truly English choice, as his joy and delight in the nature and scenery of the cool green english lake country in which he spent so much time runs right through his works. He was born on the banks of a beautiful but often floody river, and near the lake District where the weather could turn moody and treacherous at a moment's notice. This gave his poems an atmosphere of the danger and power,as well as the beauty, of Nature.