Write an equation in form slope intercept for passing through(-6,3) and parallel to the line whose equation is 4x-6y-10=0.

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When two lines are parallel to each other their gradients or slopes are equal.

Further equation of a line can be written as `y = mx+c` .


Our line is parallel to 4x-6y-10 = 0


`6y = 4x-10`

`y = (2/3)x-5/3`


So if our line is y = mx +c then m = (2/3).

`y = (2/3)x+c`

But it is given that this line passes through (-6,3).

`3 = (2/3)xx(-6)+c`

`c = 7`


So the line described for our requirement is y = (2/3)x+7

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