Write an equation of a line parallel to y=3X-5 and passing through (3,2).

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I can explain how to work this problem. This linear equation is written in slope-intercept form. The equation of a line in slope-intercept form is y=mx+b. The "m" in this scenario is the slope, which is the rate of change. The "b" in the problem is the y-intercept. The y-intercept is the point at which the line crosses the y-axis.

To work this problem, you have to also know that all parallel lines have the same slope. This means that the slope of your new equation here will also be three.

To solve, plug in your values for x and y. In the ordered pair (3,2), 3 is the x-coordinate and 2 is the y-coordinate. When these values are plugged in, the equation looks like this:

(2)=3(3)-b. Parallel lines do not have the same y-intercept, so you are looking for a new value of "b."

2=9-b. Subtract 9 from both sides of the equation and you get this:

-7=-b. Divide by negative one on both sides in order to make b positive.

b=7. The parallel line to y=3x-5 that passes through (3,2) is y=3x+7.

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