Write an entry of Slim's diary after deaths of  Curley's wife and Lennie.

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I think that in writing a diary entry from Slim's point of view would be one in which there is little emotion.  This is not to say that emotions would not be present in the diary entry, but Slim would be more directed about what the consequences of the respective deaths are and how life on the ranch will change as a result.  I think that Slim might render a descriptive account regarding what happened between the time of discovering Curley's wife and to the discovery of Lennie's body.  Slim would also write about how he had to stead George, and what it meant in telling him that what George did was done out of not having a choice.  These elements would be featured in the diary entry.  At the same time, Slim's diary entry would be one in which he speaks to consistently needing to take action, not being steeped in the realm of inaction.  The entire narrative of the characters on the ranch consists of people who cannot take action for some reason or another.  Slim is a man of action, and for this reason, his diary entry regarding the deaths would have reflection, but would not be one in which there is a lack of action or an impotence towards what has to be done.  I think that this is where a diary of entry for Slim has to have focus.