write an appreciation of "sonnet 18...shakespeare" ,taking into consideration the various techniquse used by the poet to convey his meaning.

s4ukgp | Student

The beauty of Shakespeare's friend has been glorified and idealized by Shakespeare in his Sonnet number 18. The emotion diffused by Shakespeare in this sonnet is intense, and takes the reader to the world of beauty, admiration an love.

Spontaneity is one of the characteristics of this sonnet, spontaneity flowed from Shakespeare, as water flows from a spring.

Shakespeare usage of several metaphor and his outstanding comparison of his friend to the "summer's day", made sonnet number 18, one of the piece in the world of sonnets.

The sonnet number 18 by Shakespeare is not only known for the appreciation of the beauty of Shakespeare's friend. This sonnet is the evidence that Shakespeare wasn't an "unconscious genius", as many critics affirmed. He was undoubtedly conscious with his greatness, which can be clearly understood when he says in couplet "so long as men can breathe or eyes see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee". So with these lines, it is clear that Shakespeare knew that his works would be, all time favourite.

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