Write an account of the "Battle of the Windmill" in Animal Farm.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Frederick has bought the timber with what turns out to be forged money, Napoleon is enraged and announces the death sentence of Frederick. The next morning, Frederick and the 14 men arrive at the farm and try to take it by force. The humans are initially successful and manage to plant dynamite beneath the windmill, blowing it up. However, this act enrages the animals who then drive the men out of the farm. This act though is not without cost, for several of the animals are killed and Boxer is wounded badly. Even Napoleon's tale is hurt! It is interesting to note that Squealer manages to convince the animals that in spite of appearances, they were actually victorious in what will be called "The Battle of the Windmill".

What is key in Squealer's perversion of the truth is the use of the heroism of the lower classes to bolster the patriotism of the survivors to prevent demoralisation. It was clearly not a victory, yet the patriotic celebrations and rituals after the "war" with Frederick's men create a myth of success and victory. Orwell also implies that although the function of such celebrations seems to be recognising the noble acts of individuals, they actually serve to shift the nobility of individual sacrifices on to the state.