Write a character sketch of the main character in "The Necklace".

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charmello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 Here is a Character Profile Chart that I give my students when I want them to really see/hear/understand a character. (If you want something more specific, then post a more specific question...) 

  1. Character’s name:
  2. Character’s nickname:
  3. Age:
  4. Hair Color:            Eyes:              Skin:        Teeth:
  5. Describe your character’s physical appearance. 
  6. Describe the types of clothes your character usually wears.  
  7. Describe your character’s voice. Make sure that it suits his/her personality.  
  8. How intelligent is this character? How educated is he or she? Tell whether or not the character has common sense, special talents or abilities.
  9. List at least three phrases your character may routinely use. 
  10. Mention any special characteristics, quirks, or physical traits that would make your character memorable.
  11. What is the character’s general attitude toward life? (Carefree? Rebellious?)
  12. Name and briefly describe the acquaintances of your character. 
  13. Name your character’s worst enemy and explain who it is and why there is a problem?  
  14. Name your character’s most important possessions.
  15. Hobbies:
  16. Obsessions:
  17. Religious beliefs:
  18. What is the character’s main goal or ambition?
  19. Character flaws (fears, weaknesses, etc.):
  20. Character strengths:
  21. Name the character’s likes and dislikes in books/movies/entertainment/food, etc.
  22. Mention at least one major event in the character’s life.
  23. Sign the character’s name as he or she would.